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European Football clubs kicks against New Reforms in the champions league.

At least 15 Serie A clubs, have come out against the European Club Association’s controversial plans to reform the Champions League, which are being backed by Italian giants Juventus, Gazetta Dello Sport reports.

Juventus president, Andrea Agnelli, who is also president of
the ECA, last week defended plans to reform the Champions League, as an attempt to save smaller clubs from “the protectionism of the big five leagues”.

The ECA has proposed a competition made up of 128 teams in
three divisions.

The top division would be made up of four groups of eight teams, with the top six in each qualifying for the following edition, regardless of where they finish in their domestic leagues.

But the 15 Serie A teams opposing it, believe the plans could lead to a decrease of as much as 35% in top-flight revenues.

A vote was held on Monday by the Italian Football League concerning a joint text opposing the project.

Juventus were alone in opposing the text, while Roma, Inter Milan, AC Milan and Fiorentina abstained.

The proposed reforms remain unpopular throughout European
football with the Premier League, which had four teams in the finals of the Champions League and Europa League, have unanimously opposed the project.

Seven Spanish clubs, but not Real Madrid nor Barcelona, are also against the plans, along with the Bundesliga clubs.

17 Ligue 1 sides came out against the project, while Paris Saint-Germain, Lyon and Marseille abstained.

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