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Portuguese coach “Jose Mourinho” announces change of his backroom staff

Jose Mourinho have revealed his plan to changed his backroom staff, ahead of a potential return to coaching management.

It is recalled that the Portuguese coach has been out of job since he was sacked at Manchester United in December 2018.

Although the Portuguese coach has recently received several offers, Jose Mourinho has always made it clear he will only join the right project. He has However, shaken up his backroom staff as “it was the moment for a few changes”.
Anwering questions at a Sky Sports interview: “I am reading and studying and producing things. I analyse different sports, I meet my future staff, because my future staff is going to be different to my previous staff because I thought it was the moment for a few changes.
“Nothing personal, of course not, but in relation to the knowledge, to the motivation, I think it’s a good moment to do that.
“I meet them, we speak, we analyse, we try to produce documentation to be the base for the next work, so we are always thinking.”

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