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David Abraham Banned From Seven Match After Barging Frieburg Coach

David Abraham, who is the head captain of Eintracht Franfurt have been handed a banned and subsequently fined the sum of 25,000 euros ($27,530). His ban was as a result of his unruly behaviour towards Head coach of Freiburg Christian Streich during a Bundesliga match fixtures.
The court of the German Football Association (DFB) issued the bann on David Abraham with a seven week ban for "assaulting an opponent" after shoulder barging Streich on the sidelines of Sunday's league game.
In a swift reaction, the German club "Eintracht Frankfurt" immediately said they will appeal the ruling  "in order to give David Abraham the opportunity" to explain his side of the story.
The Argentinian player was immediately shown a red card for hitting Freiburg coach  'Streich", with his shoulder after the ball had gone out of play.
Freiburg went on to win 1-0 courtesy Nils Petersen's second-half goal, which left them fourth in the table.
Also, Freiburg player 'Vincenzo Grifo',  was also shown a red card on the bench for grabbing Abraham by the throat in the ensuing trouble.
David Abraham has already apologised "in all forms" for the bad  incident and accordingly to media reports from daily newspaper Bild, David Abraham had already been fined 35,000 euros by his club, which is to be donated to charity.
However, the head coach of Franfurt 'Adi Huetter' still insist that Abraham will remain club captain.
"The incident itself cannot be excused, but we are not nailing him to the wall over it. There is no discussion, David Abraham remains our captain", insisted the Austrian coach Adi Huetter.
Eintracht Franfurt currently sits 9 position in the German league table.

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