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Mario Balotelli threatens to leave pitch after racist abuse

Italian striker Mario Baloteli have issued out a stern warning that he would walked out of the pitch after hearing racist chants by fans of Hellas Verona after he scored for his Brescia on Sunday night.
Baloteli was seen pointing towards ears when he tried to leave the field of play only to halted by his teammates and fellow Verona players, some who were seen hugging Baloteli.
The match was initially suspended for some few minutes before a stern message read out of the stadium through a loud speaker with a serious threat which says both team would leave the pitch if the racist chants continue.
It is believe that Italian fans are known for their notorious behavior in hard right politics and open racism. As records, a documented numbers of black players have been racially attacked by Italian fans just at the beginning of the 2019/2020 league season.
Mario Baloteli have a bad hostile reputation  with Verona fans, some time six years ago targeted him with ironic cheers after he was also labeled as a “trouble maker” by the city mayor Flavio Tosi.

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