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French Football Federation loses 24 million euros due to Covid-19


The French Football Federation (FFF) has suffered a loss of about 24 million euros ($28.6 million) since the summer as a result of the coronavirus pandemic, its director-general Florence Hardouin told AFP on Friday.

Hardouin said the World Cup holders' federation hoped to recoup some of the losses if, as hoped, spectators are allowed back into matches early next year.

"Since July 1, we've lost about 24 million euros. I don't think that will worsen further due to Covid because there is hope that stadiums can fill up again in March," she said.

Hardouin also warned of a need to juggle "the other uncertainty" surrounding the deepening conflict between the Football Professional League (LFP) and Spanish broadcasters Mediapro over the payment of television rights.

In 2018, Mediapro won 80 percent of the TV rights for the French top-flight, Ligue 1, in a deal costing 780 million euros per year between 2020-2024.

After settling its first instalment, the group have refused to pay the 172 million euros owed in October, demanding the price be lowered due to the pandemic.

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