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What we look for

Length: All Articles should be in the range of 300 – 800 words, unless previously discussed.

Topics to cover:

1.      The English premier League and Championship
2.      Italian Seria A
3.      German Bundisliga.
4.      Spanish LaLiga
5.      French Liga 1
6.      Netherlands Top Division.
7.      The Qatar Premier League.
8.      Nigeria Professional Football League (NPFL).
9.      South Africa Premier League.
10.  Transfer news market.
11.  UEFA Champions League and match fixtures.
12.  Europa League and match fixtures.
13.  All FIFA competitions.
14.  CAF Champions League and match fixtures.
15.  All soccer players profile.

Note: - Your selected topic has to fall under one or more of these categories. If you’re undecided, you can contact us for a topic/working title or suggest to us other valuable area to cover.

Rules / Regulations

1.      Articles must be unique, original, and exclusive to ProSoccer24 (i.e. you can’t republish the same article/articles).
2.      The article that you provide must not have been submitted, published, republished, or reprinted in other print/online publications.
3.      The article shouldn’t be too short, say less than 300 words, or too long, say over 1000 words.
4.      Content posted today should still be relevant next year.
5.      Your article should be marketing-neutral and written with an intent to add value to our readers.
6.      Write in clear, direct and concise sentences. (i.e. don’t use big words to sound clever!)
7.      No defamatory or abusive content will be allowed, no matter how strong or justified your emotions or arguments are.
8.      You will be entirely liable for opinion pieces. So please research well for data and information before making claims and conclusions.
9.      We do not allow placement of links.
10.  Writing in a manner that is intellectually showy or arrogant is totally prohibited.

Submission of article
You can send the final draft of your article for approval at deferentialmedia@gmail.com, info@prosoccer24.com
Thank you,

Editorial team at the ProSoccer24 magazine.

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