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services that you wish to render to the public via online presence.
Our website traffic statistics boast with over
1.3 million unique monthly page views, 300000 unique visitors every month(still
increasing) and over 20000-25000 new daily visitors.
We offer our readers unique, appealing
and quality information content that keep them glued to our sports news articles.
 If you need further clarification, send us a
mail with advert inquiry to (  )


300 x 250 banner- Position:  Right side                          $150 per month
320 x 100 banner- Position:  Below post                        $150 per month
320 x 100 banner– Position: Header                             $150 per month
300 x 600 banner- Position: Right Side                        $200 per month
468 x 60 banner- Position: Above & Below post           $300 per month
728 x 90 banner- Position: Header                                $400 per month
728 x 90 banner- Position: Below post                          $200 per month
link ad below posts:                                                $200 per month

Post:                                                                        $350 per month

background cover: Contact us                               $1,000 per month

Targeted ad on specific post: Contact Us
will get a 15% discount on all adverts placed for two or more consecutive

kindly Note the Following Guidelines to Advertise on ProSoccer24

1. All adverts must be delivered in
electronic version, via e-mail in the ordered pixel dimension unless otherwise
stated. (Maximum file size 100kb)
2. All banner adverts must be in , jpg
.jpeg or html code format.
3. Advert space is available on a
first-come first-serve basis.
4. We accommodate any request from an
advertiser so long as it is legal and adheres to our privacy policy.
5. Our advert rates are subject to
change as our traffic stats increase but adverts currently running are
protected from increase until the duration of the placement expires. 

An advert placement begins the day the advert is published on ProSoccer24 website and runs for the period paid for.

For further Enquiry and partnership;

kindly contact us by email: 

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